These Anti Fog Lens Cloth Work !!

Date : 2022-04-29

Say goodbye to foggy glasses and hello to a world of clarity – These Anti-Fog Lens Cloths will stay it clear during the most intense activities.


For every day, we recommend that you get our special anti fog cleaning cloth, its gentle on your lenses, ensure streak-free results. Do not use your sleeve, shirt or dishcloth etc., as these may damage your lenses.


Gentle on Lenses

The reusable anti fog cloth is made of high density anti-fog suede fabric, extremely high-quality, soft and light.

The result? A lens wipe that never scratches your glasses and does not damage coatings.


Fog-Free Mask Wear

Wearing a protective mask with glasses doesn’t have to mean dealing with constant fogging. Whether you’re working, working out, or running errands around town,

our anti fog microfiber cloth keeps fog-free for up to 12 hours per use even when wearing a mask.


No More Fog

Prescription spectacles or sunglasses, helmet visors, ski goggles or rearview mirror, this anti-fog cloth works like a charm.

And works for a variety of purposes too! It’s good for more than 200 uses (and it lasts eight to 12 hours per use).


Carry with Ease

Sized at 15 x 15 and complemented by a resealable zipper bag, carrying your anti-fog cleaning cloth will be a breeze.


How to Use

Take out the magic anti-fog lens cleaning cloth from the sealed bag, and evenly wipe both sides of the lens for about 10 seconds to ensure that the entire surface can fully contact the lens cloth.

Enjoy your fog free lenses for the whole day.