New Products

Emergency Blanket
  • Be prepared with the emergency survival blanket and feel secure knowing you and your family will be kept safe and warm.
rPET Waterproof Backpack Cover
  • Seam free design, no join, one piece 100% waterproof fabric.
  • Surrounded elastic for snug fit, keep out rain/dust/sun, keep the backpack dry.
Foldable Umbrella Storage Pouch
  • Microfiber lining is super water-absorbent and water-repellent polyester shell effectively prevents water droplets from entering inside.
  • You can store the wet folding umbrella at the rainy days.It can be placed in the bag and kept dry whether you enter into the room, bus or subway with it.
  • Multifunctional storage for wet items. You can use it as an umbrella storage bag when you close the zipper,or as absorbent wipes when it is fully open.
  • Waterproof umbrella pouch is very good for promotion items , and suitable for shop selling !
PET Seal Jar With Hinged Lid
  • Made with high-quality PET material, ensuring durability and transparency, allowing a clear view of contents.
  • Featuring a unique Flip-top lid and reliable Bail Closure system, providing all-around sealing, eliminating risks of leakage and contamination. Our design includes a specialized sealing pad for an airtight and leak-proof seal.With dual-layer sealing, products stay fresh and protected for longer.
Phone Stand
  • Made by high quality stainless steel, which suits most mobile phone. You can use it without worry.
  • Smaller and thinner than other stands on the market. It will be your good assistance.
Ski Goggle Cover
  • Made from soft microfiber, they’re ideal for cleaning your goggles.
  • One size fits mostly all goggles, protects from scratches and grime when not in use.