New Products

PET Seal Jar With Hinged Lid
  • Made with high-quality PET material, ensuring durability and transparency, allowing a clear view of contents.
  • Featuring a unique Flip-top lid and reliable Bail Closure system, providing all-around sealing, eliminating risks of leakage and contamination. Our design includes a specialized sealing pad for an airtight and leak-proof seal.With dual-layer sealing, products stay fresh and protected for longer.
Phone Stand
  • Made by high quality stainless steel, which suits most mobile phone. You can use it without worry.
  • Smaller and thinner than other stands on the market. It will be your good assistance.
Ski Goggle Cover
  • Made from soft microfiber, they’re ideal for cleaning your goggles.
  • One size fits mostly all goggles, protects from scratches and grime when not in use.
3D Carved PVA Towel
  • Trusted by professionals, it offers maximum absorbency for time-efficient cleaning, perfect for cars, glass, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Step up your cleaning game and enjoy a streak-free shine like never before!
rPET Micrfobiber Sports Towel
  • Whether it's soaking up sweat during hot yoga classes or drying off post-shower, this absorbent microfiber towel handles it all.
  • Dry you off quickly, be soft and not irritate the skin, also stand the test of time for many gym sessions.
rPET Tote Bag
  • Durable tote bag with roomy enough to carry your groceries, items, it's easy to find a place for everything you need to carry.
  • Casual carry on and durable going to the beach bag, shopping, travel light and this bag works perfect, carries much more than expected.