Neck Cooling Tube

  • Excellent Quality - Encapsulated with PCM gel cooling material, which is non-toxic and safe to hang around the neck. It is suitable for kids and adults to wear on hot summer days.
  • Fast Freeze - The cooling neck wrap freezes faster than water and lasts longer thanks to the innovative high-tech phase change materials, effectively keeping you cool in the hot summer.
  • The TPU fabric has a strong stitching process that won't tear or break! Just re-freeze in your freezer to use again!
  • Unique Design - Adopting an ergonomic design, the cooling neck wrap tube is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. It will cause no burden to your neck.
  • Wonderful Cooling Experience - The cooling neck tube wrap will cool your neck at a comfortable temperature. It will not cause ice burns and will provide you with a wonderful cooling experience. Compared to water, it works faster. And it is lightweight.
  • Easy to Carry - The cooling tube can be folded and can be easily put into the bag, so it is easy to carry and use when going out.
  • Extensively suitable to work and play outdoors for cooling, and is applicable for while walking your dog, golfing, fishing, playing basketball, cycling, hiking, driving, or even gardening, it will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • MOQ at 500 pcs with your own logo.
Product List
Item No.: E2021
Size: S, Inner diameter 90mm,Outer diameter 130mm
Imprint: With embossed logo on 1 position
Item No.: E2020
Size: S,Inner diameter 90mm,Outer diameter 130mm
Imprint: With 1C logo on 1 position