EMORI PayPal Account Out Of Services

Date : 2022-04-29

Due to the payment safety consideration, we hereby inform you that our PayPal account (info@emori.com.hk ), was out of services and no longer available since May.18th, 2018.


Future payment sent to this invalid PayPal account will not be able to receive or return.


For payment lower than US$1,000, Alibaba Trade Assurance will be a very good replacement platform for money transfer.


It is safe and convenient for you, as both Credit Card and T/T are available for Alibaba Trade Assurance payment.


Alibaba Trade Assurance is a platform that assures the trade security, and your payment won’t release to suppliers before you confirm received the goods.


For payment over US$1,000, please contact us via: info@emori.com.hk to discuss payment method.


Sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.


Best regards,


Emori team.