Cooling Beach Towel
 Patent Number : ZL201620181184.0 ( china ), HK1214720 ( hong kong ), 2016-001633 ( japan )
  • Magic & Chemical-free
  • Cool · Sweat-absorbent · Quick-dry
  • Most visits to the beach include a chair, sun-tan lotion, a cooler, an umbrella and flip-flops.Now you should consider to include this fashion & magic towel in the necessity list.This towel will keep you not only feeling cool, but also providing UV protection.Get both benefits without putting your body at risk of overheating or potential strokes.
Cooling Beach Towel
An excellent summber necessity when you go out to the beach
Cooling Beach Towel
Key advantages of the beach cooling towels
  • Instant cool in seconds, drops up to 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature.
  • Quick to activate: just get it soaked, wrung out excess & shake!
  • 100% safe & natural, chemical free and washable.
  • Cooling lasts for hours as long as it's wet !
  • Completely reusable, to reactivate, simply re-soak and re-snap.
  • Light weight, breathable, provides UPF50+ protection.
Cooling Beach Towel
Cooling Beach Towel
Cooling Beach Towel
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Cooling Beach Towel Cooling Beach Towel Cooling Beach Towel
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Cooling Beach Towel
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Cooling Beach Towel
How does an instant cooling towel work?
Cooling Beach Towel The science behind the Cooling Towel is simple and based on the principles of evaporative cooling.

When the Cooling Towel is wet, the moisture spreads evenly throughout the fabric. Then, the product's unique construction, coupled with waving the towel into the air to activate it, circulates the moisture to kick off the regulated evaporation, which keeps the towel cool.

The cooling effect is derived from the construction of the fabric itself and, because the cooling happens without the use of chemicals,the cooling performance will never wash out or degrade over time.
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Item No.: E1797
Size: 60 x 120 cm
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Item No.: E1796
Size: 70 x 150 cm
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